Inbox: When will the Royals Rise?

When will the Royals win the world series? – John R Shumaker

Answer:  Well, I really coud’nt tell you, my best guess would probably be around 2015 or even 2016, It ll depends on the development of there top prospects.  The royals have a great base of young hitters but right now there best pitcher is Bruce Chen so the royals will definetly need to solve that problem of low pitching talent.  The Royals do tend to trade away there prospects so even if the pitching is there they still may be an incomplete team.  Dont get me wrong i think the royals do have great possibillty but there are a lot of improvements to be made.  Sometimes I ponder thinking that many media stations over rate the royals prospects.  Another thing that makes it hard for the royals to win the division atleast, is there compitition, we just saw Prince Fielder sign with Detroit, If Adam Dunn and Alex Rios can Rebound the White Sox will be an issue, and even the Indians are an up-and-coming team with plenty of potential for the future.  The Royals will count on players like Eric Hosmer. Alex gordon, and Billy Butler to to develope into superstars and save the franchise.

Morale:  Now isn’t a good time to be  a royals fan, maybe in 4-5 years from now you would love to be one, but if not, just read the funnies in the Sunday paper instead.

Image Source:–CWbtCA5adY/Tc1-8MlW0QI/AAAAAAAAAao/PpE6JjE8PXs/s1600/Eric-Hosmer-HR.jpg


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