Trade Candidate: Joey Votto

With only 2 years left on his contract, Joey Votto is definitely a trade candidate.  He is expected to sign a $200 million contract which I’m not sure that the Reds would offer that.  If you could get some prospects for only the last year of the contract it would be a total advantage for the Reds.  The Reds are going all in to win the division next year so if there was a trade it would most likely be when they are either out of it this year or at next year’s trade deadline.  With the acquisition of Mat Latos the Reds have a much stronger rotation and with a bolstered bullpen that should do very well next year competing against the Cardinals and Brewers for the NL Central title.  Joey Votto is considered the Reds “superstar player” so if a trade were to be imminent, Reds fans might not be to happy to be losing there fan favorite.  When you walk the streets of Cincinnati you view a sea of red, #19 Votto jerseys.  Votto is a star player that will only get better over the years so other contenders will be very interested if he is put on the block.  The price would be extremely high and costly for a team to acquire him possibly featuring a #1 draft pick, multiple top prospects, and even Major-League ready prospects.  Votto is considered one of the best, most consistent, and powerful first basemen in the league.



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