Why the White Sox Will (Can) Win

We all know what happened to the White Sox last year but I still think they can win.  No one is betting on the White Sox this year to win but the “wholes” in there lineup can be replaced.  “by who?’ you might ask.  The truth is that they themselves will have to change there ways.  You know who I’m talking to Adam Dunn, Gordon Beckham, and Alex Rios.  If they can turn it around the White Sox will be one of the best teams in the league.  When you think about it the White Sox really did not lose a whole lot this off season.  They lost Mark Buerhle and Juan Pierre to free agency.  Losing Buerhle is a bad thing but it opens up more room to use on payroll which could be used on defector Yoenis Cespedes which has been linked to the White Sox multiple times.  Losing Juan Pierre was not a bad thing,  the Sox weren’t even going to resign him anyways, in fact he ended up signing a minor league deal with Philadelphia.  Gordon Beckham will be a major factor in next year’s playoff race.  If he does well it could change the Sox’ record dramatically. He has power, speed, and fielding ability to be a perfect player.  He did very well in the minors and we will have to see if he can turn his career around to a season like his rookie year.  Beckham has a huge amount of potential, if he can use his tools he will be a superstar.  I know that Beckham has his heart set on 2012 and that he is purely determined to win.  Alex Rios is another factor, not only has he performed poorly at the plate, but also in the field.  He took many bad routes to fly balls last year.  Alex was a major disappointment last year.  A Healthy Jake Peavy will be very important to solidify there rotation for next year.  We all know how much talent Jake possesses, of course he will never be the same Peavy as in 20o7 but when healthy should be a great #4 starter.  The White Sox should be competitive next year even though there is a great amount of doubt.


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