Adam Dunn Revival?

Adam Dunn, the first thing you think is strike 3.  Well next year that could really change.  Dunn says that he has been going to the batting cages and that he has been doing off-season workouts.  If Dunn, Rios, Beckham, and even Morel have years that Sox fans expect, the Sox will be a big pain to the Tigers even with newly signed Prince Fielder.  The White Sox will be contenders next year even when all the”experts” are low on the Sox….I would wait until even spring training to begin making predictions.  It would be impossibly hard for the White Sox to rebuild because they have to many high cost,  un-trade-able veterans on there team.  There is still  long way to go for Adam but I see a comeback on the rise.  Also I believe Alex Rios will bounce back.  We all know that he (Dunn) has the power to rack up 30+ homers which he may do in 2012.  I can only wish him good luck.



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