Inbox: Can the Brew-Crew win it?

Inbox: Can the Brew-Crew at least get to the playoffs?- Jorge Hernandez  Answer:

I think they can if, 2 things, and these are big ifs.  If Ryan Braun does not get 50-game suspension and if their “young talent” picks the team up for the slack of Prince leaving, they can.  But on the other hand, I don’t like their young talent and I think Braun will be stripped of his MVP award plus the 50 game suspension will happen.  SO the odds of the brewers making it this year, probably 1 in 8.  I know I’m being cruel to all you Brewers fans but I just don’t see it happening.  The crew just doesnt have that depth in the lineup with prince gome, and take away Braun for 1/3rd of the season and I see nothing, no big boppers, no RBI guys nothing.  I know your thinking: “why didn’t you mention Aramis Ramirez, he is an RBI guy.”  Aramis, face it, is getting older and it seems that he decides to play for about half of the season anyways so you can’t expect too much from him.  They still have a good core of Richie Weeks and niger Morgan but it’s not enough.  Also i really like Carlos Gomez for next, he should blossom into a little brewers “star”.  I could be wrong though, this is a meer prediction.  OK, now that were done with that funeral lets look at the good side of things, shall we?

The starting rotation:  I fell in love with their starting rotation since day 1, I love Gallerdo, Greinkie should do great next year, and Shaun Marcum has always been one of my favorites.  The starting rotation is in my opinion is very well fortified around those three players.

Bullpen: Its pretty nice when your setup man is a closer and your closer is a monster so I really like the bullpen for this team, i think it will be a strong point in 2012.

The Verdict:  Well Jorge, I don’t want to disappoint you but the Cards and the Reds will be just too much, simple as that.

John Axford photo: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE


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  1. toosoxy

    I have not been adequately keeping up with the Ryan Braun suspension… but regardless, I think he’s got to bring the morale down…
    Will be an interesting ride to October for all.

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