White Sox Interested In Brandon Beachy


Reports show us that the White Sox are interested in SP Brandon Beachy.  Beachy, 25 went 7-3 with a 3.68 ERA in 2011.  The White Sox were reportedly interested in him during the trade deadline last year when the Sox were shopping Carlos Quentin.  Brandon is one of the Braves many talented young arms, being a hot commodity I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal came to be within the next week but these are only rumors.  If a deal were to happen the Braves would likely ask for offense or prospects like Gordon Beckham, Jordan Danks or even Alex Rios if some of his contract were eaten by the Sox.  The Braves will be looking for offense this season so this could explain why they need it.  They will have to trade away a little pitching to become a more balanced team.

A.J. Burnett to Pirates

Source:  The Pirates have acquired pitcher A.J. Burnett for 2 low level prospects.  The pirates will receive $20 million in cash + A.J. Burnett.  This is clearly a salary dump and the money saved will be used on most likely a DH.  Burnett posted a mediocre 4.79 ERA in 2011.  There were rumors last week about the pirates and yanks getting a deal done.  The pirates will pay $13 million of Burnett’s salary.  There is just one more “final touch” until this deal is final. remember this could still fall through but i doubt it.  this is a good move for the Pirates if A.J. can turn it around especially since the Yankees will be paying most of his salary.  The pirates have just so much future potential on this roster.

Inbox: Can the Brew-Crew win it?

Inbox: Can the Brew-Crew at least get to the playoffs?- Jorge Hernandez  Answer:

I think they can if, 2 things, and these are big ifs.  If Ryan Braun does not get 50-game suspension and if their “young talent” picks the team up for the slack of Prince leaving, they can.  But on the other hand, I don’t like their young talent and I think Braun will be stripped of his MVP award plus the 50 game suspension will happen.  SO the odds of the brewers making it this year, probably 1 in 8.  I know I’m being cruel to all you Brewers fans but I just don’t see it happening.  The crew just doesnt have that depth in the lineup with prince gome, and take away Braun for 1/3rd of the season and I see nothing, no big boppers, no RBI guys nothing.  I know your thinking: “why didn’t you mention Aramis Ramirez, he is an RBI guy.”  Aramis, face it, is getting older and it seems that he decides to play for about half of the season anyways so you can’t expect too much from him.  They still have a good core of Richie Weeks and niger Morgan but it’s not enough.  Also i really like Carlos Gomez for next, he should blossom into a little brewers “star”.  I could be wrong though, this is a meer prediction.  OK, now that were done with that funeral lets look at the good side of things, shall we?

The starting rotation:  I fell in love with their starting rotation since day 1, I love Gallerdo, Greinkie should do great next year, and Shaun Marcum has always been one of my favorites.  The starting rotation is in my opinion is very well fortified around those three players.

Bullpen: Its pretty nice when your setup man is a closer and your closer is a monster so I really like the bullpen for this team, i think it will be a strong point in 2012.

The Verdict:  Well Jorge, I don’t want to disappoint you but the Cards and the Reds will be just too much, simple as that.

John Axford photo: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

Adam Dunn Revival?

Adam Dunn, the first thing you think is strike 3.  Well next year that could really change.  Dunn says that he has been going to the batting cages and that he has been doing off-season workouts.  If Dunn, Rios, Beckham, and even Morel have years that Sox fans expect, the Sox will be a big pain to the Tigers even with newly signed Prince Fielder.  The White Sox will be contenders next year even when all the”experts” are low on the Sox….I would wait until even spring training to begin making predictions.  It would be impossibly hard for the White Sox to rebuild because they have to many high cost,  un-trade-able veterans on there team.  There is still  long way to go for Adam but I see a comeback on the rise.  Also I believe Alex Rios will bounce back.  We all know that he (Dunn) has the power to rack up 30+ homers which he may do in 2012.  I can only wish him good luck.

Yoenis Cespedes signs with Athletics

Cuban Star Yoenis Cespedes has agreed to terms with the Athletics for a 4-year $36 million.  Yoenis was reportedly going to sign with the White Sox, Cubs, or Marlins.  The A’s have come out of the middle of no were to win over the Cuban  I would not be shocked if this is a sign and trade situation.  If it were to be the White Sox, Tigers, O’s and maybe  Marlins would be interested.  Or this oculd go in a rebuilding category just to help the team for the future. it is a gamble but thats business.  This should raise the ticket values just a little bit…. More information will be posted keep checking back

Pirates interested in A.J. Burnett

Yankees starting pitcher A.J. Burnett is drawing interest from Baltimore and Pittsburgh.  The  Pirates have not a agreed to pay $10 million of his remaining $33 million contract.  Burnett is being shopped around by the Yankees and he has been on the blick for a while now.  The problem is to find someone to trade him, that has the bank account to pay for him.  The Yankees are currently in trade talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The yankees are willing to pay for a large portion of Burnett’s salary.  The teams are most likely a couple million appart from making a deal.  The yankees need room to bring in a designated hitter like HIdeki Matsui, Johnny Damon, and Raul Ibanez.  Even though the yankees are paying for a large part of his contract its still a big salary dump.

Kershaw inks 2-year deal with Dodgers

Sources:  Superstar SP Clayton Kershaw has avoided arbitration and has signed a 2-year deal worth $19 million.   Kershaw will be eligible for free agency in 2014.  Kershaw is the NL Cy Young award winner after pitching a 2.28 ERA.  He will earn 7.5 million in 2012 and 11 million in 2013.  The dodgers offered 6 million.  Kershaw did not a agree and decided to sign the 2-year offer instead.  Kershaw asked for 10 million in arbitration, just 3 million shy of Tim Lincecum.

Why the White Sox Will (Can) Win

We all know what happened to the White Sox last year but I still think they can win.  No one is betting on the White Sox this year to win but the “wholes” in there lineup can be replaced.  “by who?’ you might ask.  The truth is that they themselves will have to change there ways.  You know who I’m talking to Adam Dunn, Gordon Beckham, and Alex Rios.  If they can turn it around the White Sox will be one of the best teams in the league.  When you think about it the White Sox really did not lose a whole lot this off season.  They lost Mark Buerhle and Juan Pierre to free agency.  Losing Buerhle is a bad thing but it opens up more room to use on payroll which could be used on defector Yoenis Cespedes which has been linked to the White Sox multiple times.  Losing Juan Pierre was not a bad thing,  the Sox weren’t even going to resign him anyways, in fact he ended up signing a minor league deal with Philadelphia.  Gordon Beckham will be a major factor in next year’s playoff race.  If he does well it could change the Sox’ record dramatically. He has power, speed, and fielding ability to be a perfect player.  He did very well in the minors and we will have to see if he can turn his career around to a season like his rookie year.  Beckham has a huge amount of potential, if he can use his tools he will be a superstar.  I know that Beckham has his heart set on 2012 and that he is purely determined to win.  Alex Rios is another factor, not only has he performed poorly at the plate, but also in the field.  He took many bad routes to fly balls last year.  Alex was a major disappointment last year.  A Healthy Jake Peavy will be very important to solidify there rotation for next year.  We all know how much talent Jake possesses, of course he will never be the same Peavy as in 20o7 but when healthy should be a great #4 starter.  The White Sox should be competitive next year even though there is a great amount of doubt.